18 November 2009

Heermann on the 23rd Sunday after the Feast of Holy Trinity

Here is a translation of an excerpt from Heermann's "Practice of Piety," being a collection rhymes for youths based on the Church Year.

Callida sit, velut est, inimica Caterva; quid ad nos?

Christe, tui verbi robore victa perit.

VAST are the rivals’ tricks by which they e’er attack
Thine holy Word, O Lord, yet never press it back;
It hath the pow’r to put all those who it despise
To shame before world, though be they e’er so wise.

THE RIVALS’ wiles are vast, Lord Christ, but I care not,
They’re crushed if but Thy lips pronounce the littlest jot.

Cura tibi sit prima Deus: Rex altera, pœnas,
Qui Majestatem lædit utramque, dabit.

ABOVE all, first thy God and then thy ruler honor,
Attending every word, as is most fit and proper.
But he who doth despise the majesty of both
Shall not escape God’s punishment and righteous wrath.

GIVE honors first to God, and then thy rulers prize;
The wrath of God is nigh to those who dare this rule despise.

Census, amor, Regi debetur, honorque precesque,
Danda sed est mens & vita fidesque Deo.

PROVIDE thy rulers all, who for thy needs provide,
With prayers, taxes, love, esteem, and all that’s dignified;
But give to God thy heart and soul and conscience willingly,
O’er which He willeth not that man should master be.

THY TAXES, love, esteem, and pray’rs to Cæsar be consigned,
But unto God, thy faith and soul and life and heart and mind.

Tandem Deus opprimet hostes.

THE FOES, O God, afflict us sore, yea, us, Thy chosen nation!
But they shall not escape Thy wrath and righteous condemnation.


Tapani Simojoki said...


I very much appreciate your translation work here. Would you be able & interested to translate Scandinavian (Swedish/Norwegian/Danish only!) hymns?

Tapani Simojoki

Matt Carver (Matthaeus Glyptes) said...

I would very much like to do so. I have nearly completed the translations of "Walther's hymnal," and will be moving on to filling out the translations for Ludecus and other projects. Rev. DeGarmeaux has done many translations for the Scandinavian hymns, so I need to examine those, as well as the ones already translated in older hymnals before I attempt them. Thanks for your kind words and excellent suggestion.

Tapani Simojoki said...

That's marvellous! I'd be very interested in something of this sort. If you contact me, I can tell you more. Find me at www.oslc.org.uk