13 August 2014

Our Father (setting: Grüser)

Here is my adaptation of an Our Father setting (probably for catechetical use) by Valentin Grüser, who may perhaps be the printer Valentin Curio. The source is Pfeilschmidt, Libellus (1605). I give it in the original key (F) and transposed down to D. If you have a solution how to improve the "our trespasses" phrase without accenting "-pass-" please describe in the comments.

 Musical adaptation © 2014 Matthew Carver.

05 August 2014

In fremd Herberg ich bin gewest

Here is my translation of the Purification hymn “In fremd Herberg ich bin gewest” (N. Selneccer), an interpolation of the Canticle of Simeon the Patriarch from Luke 2 (Nunc dimittis). Based on the meter and tune of “Mit Fried und Freud ich fahr dahin,” it is not meant to replace Luther’s indispensible hymn so much as to offer another application of both text and tune.

FROM home estranged, in lodgings rude
My flesh abideth,
In prison bound—yet for my good
God provideth;
Ever in this cart I’ve roamed
Throughout my life so lowly.

2. Now, Lord my God, in grace and love
From bondage bring me
Unto my home, and so remove
Sins that sting me;
Loose me from the cart’s dull yoke,
To dwell in freedom ever.

3. I am Thy servant, this I know;
Free, Lord, now send me;
So by Thy gracious pledge and vow
Thou wilt tend me:
Thou hast given me Thy Son;
In Him I am delivered.

4. With seeing heart I have beheld
Him, my Salvation,
In whom Thou givest to the world
Of Thy gracious will toward all
By faith in Him confiding.

5. Him Thou hast set forth as a Light
All men to lighten—
The world entire in heathen night
All to brighten;
And as Israel’s joy and bliss!—
Through Him we have salvation.

Translation © 2014 Matthew Carver

1. In fremd Herberg [Herbrig] ich bin gewestvom Vaterlande,im Gfängnis steckt, doch mir zum Best,wies Gott wandte,Im Karrn ich gezogen habdurch mein ganz elend Leben.
2. Nu Herr mein Gott, ins Vaterlandaus kalter Herberg,und aus des Kerkers Sünd und Schandgnädig führe mich;spann mich aus des Karrens Jochund laß mich nu frei bleiben.
3. Dein Diener bin ich, das weiß ich,frei laß mich fahren,wie du durch dein Zusagung michtust bewahren.Dein Sohn du mir geben hast,in ihm bin ich frei worden.
4. Meins Herzens Augen haben ihnmein Heil gesehenden du für alle Welt gabst hin,draus zu sehen,daß du wollest gnädig seinallen die auf ihn trauen.
5. Du hast ihn allen fürgestelltein Licht zu leuchtenden Heiden, und der ganzen Welt,auch zu Freudenund Preis deins Volks Israel;durch ihn wir selig werden.