25 January 2013

Our Father setting

Here is my adaptation of a setting of the Our Father from the Bohemian Brethren setting in Kirchengeseng. It is supposed to be in half time, but the meter is irregular, so the staff lines divide the main phrases, not the measures.

14 January 2013

O ewiger, barmherziger Gott

Here is my translation of the Kyrie Cunctipotens Genitor trope as given by the Bohemian Brethren in Thamm, et al., Kirchengeseng (1566) and reproduced by Keuchenthal in his Kirchengesenge (1573), where the German trope, perhaps in view of the emphasis on the Spirit on the extended ninth petition, is appointed for Pentecost (the Greek of the same tone is there called the Kyrie Angelicum and appointed for Epiphanytide). The same appointment is found in Thamm. The German follows the Latin to a fair extent, though the phrasing is markedly different in the Bohemian. Note that as usual with the Bohemian vernacular tropes, there is not attempt to preserve the Greek eleison (or Kyrie), but it is paraphrased in diverse ways throughout. The notes are representative of the Kyrie as found in northern manuscripts, especially before the 19th century codification by the Solesmes group concretized the simpler southern version.

O ETERNAL God of graciousness,
For Thy goodness Thee we bless,
Which to us Thou ever show'st
In the wonders which Thou dost.
1b.   Thou hast had regard for all our need,
As a gracious God indeed,
And through Thy beloved Son,
Grace and full redemption won.
1c.   We this day, by Him redeemed, therefore
With all confidence implore
That with Him Thou wouldest be
One in mind and piety.

2a. Christ, the blessed Fruit Thou art,
Conceived beneath a virgin heart,
Who didst give
Thine own life, that we may live:
2b. Thou hast suffered death and hell
For all our sins so great and fell,
Paid for all our guilt in Thee.
2c. O Lord Jesus Christ, since Thou
Art seated high in heaven now,
To us send
Thy good Spirit, us to tend.

3a. O Holy Spirit, God and Lord,
Help in need afford,
Kindly let Thy gifts on us be poured.
3b. O come at last, Thou Fire divine,
Hearts renew, refine,
Purge the former leaven, make us Thine.

3c. Renew in mercy our spirit,
Restore, repair it:
Direct our life and behavior
To meet Thy favor.
For on Thee, Lord, do we depend forever:
Thine the glory, God and Lord,
Ever blessèd and adored.

Translation © 2013 Matthew Carver.

1a. O ewiger, barmherziger Gott,
wir danken dir der Wohlthat,
die du uns erzeiget hast,
und aller Werk so du thust.
1b. Du hast angesehn all unser Not,
als ein genädiger Gott,
uns durch deinen lieben Sohn,
Gnad und Erlösung gethan.
1c. Sintemal er uns nun hat erlöst,
so bitten wir auch getrost,
daß du uns wolltest mit ihm
verfügen in einen Sinn.

2a. Christe, benedeite Frucht,
empfangen rein in aller Zucht,
dein Leben
hast du für uns gegeben,
2b. Du hast erlitten den Tod,
für unser Sünd und Missethat,
mit Geduld
bezahlet all unser Schuld.
2c. Ey, nun, Herre Jesu Christ,
weil du oben im Himmel bist,
send uns herab
den Geist in heilsamer Gab.

3a. O Heiliger Geist, wahrer Gott,
sieh an unser Not,
und erfüll uns mit dein Gaben aus Genad.
3b. O komm du Göttlicher Feuer,
und feg uns von allem alten Gesäuer.
3c. Verneu auch unser Gemüte,
durche deine Güte.
Regier unser ganzes Leben,
und mach dirs eben.
Denn wir uns dir ganz und gar übergeben:
Deinem Namen,
Herre Gott, zu ewigem Preis. Amen.

1a Cunctipotens genitor
Deus omni-creator : eleison.
b Salvificet pietas
tua nos bone rector : eleison.
c Fons et origo bone
pie luxque perhennis : eleison.

2a Christe dei splendor virtus
patrisque sophia : eleison
b Plasmatis humanis factor
lapsis reparator : eleison
c Ne tua damnatur Jesu
factura benigne : eleison

3a Amborum sacrum spiramen
nexus amorque : eleison
b Procedens fomes vite fons
purificans vis : eleison
c Indultor [Purgator] culpe venie
largitor optime offensas
dele sacro nos munere reple : eleison
Spirite alme : eleison