19 November 2009

Heermann on the 26th Sunday after the Feast of Holy Trinity

Here are some more Heermann translations from The Practice of Piety.

On the 26th Sunday after the Feast of Holy Trinity.

Ecce! venit Judex, ut justè judicet Orbem:
Qui malus es, vitam corrige, pœna propè est.

THE DAY hath been arranged when flesh shall all be leaving
Its mirky graves of death and judgment be receiving,
Arise, O Man, therefore, from sin and every evil,
Lest thou be found in hell as kindling for the devil.

THE JUDGE draws nigh with judgment just, wherefore repent;
Beware, O wicked man, soon comes Thy punishment.

Ad dextram mihi, Christe, locum concede reversus,
Cælum designat dextra: sinistra Erebum.

O FAITHFUL Savior, help me on the Final Day
To stand upon Thy right, when Thou with dread array
Shalt judge the wicked souls who at Thy left are set
And say: “Depart from Me, I never knew you yet!”

THAT Day, O Lord, allot me at Thy right a station,
For those upon Thy left shall go to condemnation.

Christi meditare tribuna!

THAT Christ Himself shall judge the world is cause for gladness
To godly souls, but to the wicked, fright and sadness.

Translation © Matthew Carver, 2009.

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