29 September 2013

Summe Rex Christe (Summi regis archangele)

Here is my translation of the Sequence for Michaelmas according to Keuchenthal, et al (1573), as corrected by Bonnus from the original Latin (probably of Alcuin or Notker). The corrections in the middle and end represent quite a departure, and distort the meter of the original. I have restored that meter in the translation, but followed Bonn’s sense. I include the Latin in corrected form and original below.
 CHRIST, HIGH King of all the angel company!
1b. We beseech Thee, hear our voices raised to Thee.

2a. Thee we confess o’er every other,
The Head of all the heav’nly progeny;
2b. Oh, intercede before Thy Father
To send us help in need and misery.

3a. By the Father Thou art given
As a Prince all pow’r from heaven
Sinful souls to save, and to deliver us.
3b. We beseech Thee, who hast made us:
Send Thy holy hosts to aid us
Let them hedge us round about and cover us,

4a. Lest the world and Satan
Have the pow’r to do us harm,
And from the one true faith our spirit charm;
4b. But Thy Word let prosper,
And be taught in truth aright,
As it is taught before God’s holy sight.

5a. Guard us by Thine angels’ keeping,
In waking and in sleeping,
Keep our hearts humble all,
Lest in presumption we should slip and fall,
5b. As of old the wicked devil
With all his spirits evil
Fell from their heav’nly claim,
And angels good foul demons thus became.

6a. Hear us, O Christ, true God,
Mighty Redeemer:
From every wicked plot
And the deceiver
Keep and preserve us ’neath Thy shelt’ring wing
Through the true angels who forever sing,
6b. “Salvation to the King,
Our Lord forever!”
Our highest thanks we bring
To God the Father,
Who gave us wretches Christ, and in life’s ill
By all His holy angels keeps us still,——and forever.

Translation © 2013 Matthew Carver.


1a. Summe Rex Christe Angelorum omnium.
1b. Intende quaesumus nostris precibus.

2a. Te namque profitemur esse
supernorum civium Principem.
2b. Tu Patrem obsecrà pro nobis
ut mittat auxilium miseris.

3a. Principalis est potestas
a Patre tibi donata,
peccantes salvificare animas.
3b. Ut jubeas, petimus,
Angelos sanctos pro nobis
agere excubias omni tempore,

4. Ne quid Satan et mundus
nocere nobis possint,
in his quae sunt verae fidei.
4b. Et ut tuum verbum
feliciter recteque doceatur,
tanquam in conspectu Dei.

5a. Fac ut Angelorum praesidio

servemur in humilitate spiritus,
ne in praesumptionem prolabamur.
5b. Sic enim pravi spiritus
e coelis olim ceciderunt, 

ex Angelis bonis mali facti Daemones.

6a. Audi nos, Christe redemptor,
et defende nos

contra fallaces
horum insidias,

per Angelos pios, qui semper canunt,
6b. Laus sit Regi Domino.
Agimus summas coelesti
gratias Patri, qui Christum
pro nobis dedit,
et per sanctos Angelos
tuetur nos miseros in tantis malis hujus vitae.

1a. Summi Regis archangele Michahel
1b. Intende quaesumus nostris precibus.
2a. Te namque profitemur esse
 supernorum principem civium.
2b. Tu Deum obsecra pro nobis
 ut mittat auxilium miseris.

3a. Principalis est potestas
 a Domino tibi data
peccantes salvificare animas.
3b. Idem tenes perpetuo
 principatum paradisi
omnes civis te honorant superi.

4a. Tu in templo Dei
turibulum aureum
visus es habuisse manibus.
4b. Inde scandens vapor
aromatum plurimus
pervenit ante conspectum Dei.

5a. Quando cum dracone magnum
perfecisti proelium
faucibus illius
animas abstraxisti plurimas.
5b. Hinc maximum agebatur
in caelo selentium
milia milium
dicebant salus regi Domino.

6a. Audi nos, Michahel,
angele summe
huc parum descende
de poli sede
nobis ferendo opem Domini
atque levamen indulgentiae
6b. Tu nostros Gabrihel
hostes prosterne;
tu Raphahel, aegris
affer medelam,
morbos absterge, noxas minue,
nosque fac interesse gaudiis (7.)  beatorum.

28 September 2013

Gib Fried zu unsrer Zeit, o Herr (Updated Tune)

Update: Added proper tune from Keuchenthal, Kirchen-Gesenge (1573).

Here is my translation of the German Da pacem “Gib Fried zu unsrer Zeit, o Herr” by Wolfgang Köpfel (Capito), 1533, which was translated early on by the English minister Edmund Grindal, 1561, who preached some time in Germany. The melody is the contemporaneous “Durch Adams Fall.”

GRANT PEACE in our time, Lord, we pray;
By threats we are surrounded;
The foe longs only for the day
When Christ’s name is confounded,
And fain would chase from every place
O Lord, Thy worship wholly.

Thy Church sustain by might and main:

In need Thou helpest solely.

2. Grant peace, for we by faithless will
And wicked life have lost it.

Thy Word Thou hast bestowed, and still

We fight it and accost it:

For some would chase this saving grace,

And some, through senseless motion,
With lips confess its truthfulness,
Yet lack all true devotion.

3. Grant peace! To us Thy Spirit send,
To work remorse and sorrow
For all our sin; our heart amend
In Christ to rise each morrow,
So that Thy grace may rout and chase
All shame and desecration,
All strife put down, Lord, and Thy crown
Be owned by every nation.

Translation © Matthew Carver, 2010.

1. Give peace in these our days, O Lord,

Great dangers are now at hand;

Thine enemies with one accord

Christ’s Name in every land

Seek to deface, root out and rase,

Thy true right worship indeed.

Be Thou the Stay, Lord, we Thee pray.

Thou helpest alone in all need.

2. Give us that peace that we do lack,

Through misbelief, and in ill life.

Thy Word to offer Thou dost not slack,

Which we unkindly gainstrive.

With fire and sword, this healthful Word

Some persecute and oppress.

Some with the mouth confess the truth

Without sincere godliness.

3. Give peace and us Thy sprite down send

With grief and repentance true;

Do piece our hearts our lives to amend,

And by faith Christ renew;

That fear and dread, war and bloodshed,

Through Thy sweet mercy and grace,

May from us slide, Thy truth abide,

And shine in every place.

1. Gib Fried zu unsrer Zeit, o Herr,
groß Noth ist jetzt vorhanden;
der Feind begehrt nichts anders mehr
denn daß er bring zu Schanden
den Namen Christ und dämpf mit List
wahrn Gottesdienst auf Erden.
Solchen erhalt durch dein Gewalt;
du hilfst allein in Gfährden.

2. Gib Fried, den wir verloren han
durch Unglaub und bös Leben.
Dein Wort hast uns geboten an,
dem wir all widerstreben.
Denn wir zum Theil dies unser Heil
mit frevler Gwalt austreiben,
zum Theil ohn Grund—bekennens rund—
ohn hertzlich Frommsein bleiben.

3. Gib Fried, auch deinen Geist uns send,
der unser Herz durch Reue
und herzlich Leid um unsre Sünd [und Leid um unsre Sünd behend]
in Jesus Christ erneue,
aufdaß dein Gnad all Schand und Schad,
all Furcht und Kriegsgefährde
von uns abkehr, dadurch dein Ehr
bei allem Volk groß werde.

24 September 2013

O heiliger Vater, gütiger Herr

Here is my translation of a Sanctus hymn, “O heiliger Vater, gütiger Herr,” which is a Bohemian Brethren work that builds on the text of angelic hymn to the Trinity & the Benedictus est (“Blessed is He, or the Paschal Lamb, that cometh in the name of the Lord” ). The melody is from a 15th c. Sanctus setting in the 1st mode, as appointed for chief festivals in the Bohemian churches. I include the relevant entry from Thannabaur, Das einstimmige Sanctus . . . p. 130. And here is a good performance of the original Sanctus with the Trope "Gaude quam magnificat."

HOLY Father, bright / with grace’s light,
Creator, source of might,
Thou only God, / Lord of Sabaoth,
Thy grace is worthy of all laud.

2. The hosts around Thy throne / Thy pow’r make known,
And joyfully intone
With one accord / that great hymn adored:
The Holy, Holy, Holy Lord!

3. For heaven, earth, and sea / are utterly
Filled with Thy majesty,
Thy glorious praise / shines with peerless rays
O Lord and God of endless days!

4. O Christ, Thou Lamb of God, / Thy shoulder broad
Bore all our sinful load:
Thy off’ring hath / stilled the Father’s wrath,
And freed us from eternal death.

5. O Jesus, thanks to Thee / that now we see
Thy peace eternally.
This hope we bear: / we that peace will share
In heav’n with Thee fore’er and e’er.

Translation © 2013 Matthew Carver.

1. O heiliger Vater
gütiger Herr
allmächtiger Schöpfer
einiger Gott
Herre Zebaoth,
groß ist deine Güt und Wohltat.

2. Die himmlisch Gesellschaft
rühmet dein Kraft,
und singt fröhlich mit Macht,
Heilig, heilig,
heilig und ewig
bist du, Herre Gott allmächtig.

3. Denn Himmel, Erd und Meer,
ist deiner Ehr
überall erfüllt sehr,
voller Klarheit
ist dein Herrlichkeit,
O Herre Gott in Ewigkeit

4. Christe, Gottes Lämmlein,
du hast allein,
mit deinem Opfer rein,
uns durch dein Tod
versöhnet mit Gott
und erlöst aus ewiger Not.

5. Des dankn wir dir, Jesu,
denn du bringst nu
uns zu ewiger Ruh,
hoffend, daß wir
auch werden mit dir
dieselb besitzen für und für.