01 December 2012

Heermann on the 1st Sunday of Advent

More translation of Heermann, from the Practice of Piety.

On the First Sunday of Advent.

Rex meus es: mihi, Christe, venit Salvator ad me:
Æternum ut tecum sim, maneamque tuus.

To me Thou com’st, Lord Christ, my King, and to my good,
Thou who redeemed’st me with Thy most precious blood,
That I may come to Thee, eternally to shine
And dwell with Thee, Thy child, in soul and body Thine.

To me Thou com’st, Lord Christ, My Savior and my King,
My soul to Thee and to my heav’nly heritage to bring.

O Thou who art my King, Lord Christ, Thou com’st to me,
That I may evermore be Thine and dwell with Thee.

Christe veni, mecumque habita: me protege: vota
Audi: peccantem suscipe; tolle malum.

Come, dearest Jesus, come, within my heart to dwell:
Protect Thy subject, all distress and pain repel.
Thy royal throne is grace, and gentleness, and good.
I pray Thy grace: Oh, then, by grace grant what I would.

Come Jesus, dwell within, defend me, hear my plea,
Dispel my woes, and purge my sins most graciously.

Adventus Christi, cordi fert gaudia tristi.

O soul, rejoice! to-day is come the tide of joy,
For Christ doth come to thee and bring salvation nigh.