08 August 2016

Ite, Benedicti et Electi

Here is my translation of the Bohemian Brethren hymn “Ite, Benedicti et Electi” (1566), a vernacular trope of the old Dismissal formula Ite, missa est. It appears in Kirchengeseng (1580 ed.), folio 198v with another Dismissal trope to the same melody. Which melody, as may be noted, follows, according to ancient usage, that of the Kyrie, found in op. cit., folio 180r, with the title “Kyrie magnae Deus potentiae,” (= Vat. ed. “Kyrie V”) the translation beginning “O Vatter der barmhertzigkeit . . .” Here, in the section titled Betgesenge (“prayer songs”) it seems to be appointed for use on a penitential occasion, possibly a day of Humiliation & Prayer, or else an Embertide mass (if indeed they celebrated any as such).

GO YOU blessed, with one accord,
O saints elect in Christ the Lord!
Go in peace and joy today,
God guide you all your way!

2 Blessed be, and blessed again,
Your going out and going in,
Blessed, all that shall be done
Through Christ, God’s very Son!

3 He, our Lord and Savior bestow
That we at last to heav’n may go;
His the glory, ours the gain,
For evermore! Amen.

Translation © 2016 Matthew Carver.

1. Geht hin die jhr gebenedeit,
vnd in Christo außerwehlt seyd,
geht hin mit freuden in fried,
Er richt all ewer trit.

2 Gesegnet ist ewer außgang,
gesegnet ist ewer eingang,
gesegnet all ewer thun,
durch Christum Gottes Son.

3 Derselb vnser HERR vnd Heiland,
führ vns ein ins recht Vatterland,
zu lob vnd ehr seim Namen,
in ewigkeit Amen.

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Anonymous said...

This hymn was very much current amongst the confessional Lutherans in South Africa. Frei Evangelisch-lutherische Synode.
Johann Hillermann, Berlin