13 December 2010

Omnis mundus jocundetur (new translation)

As you may or may not have realized, the first day of Christmas is only a Christmas feast (12 days) away, so here is my translation of the old pia cantio for the nativity, "Omnis mundus jocundetur." An earlier "translation" — really a new creation— appeared by J.M. Neale in the Carols for Christmas-Tide. The only part I could not quite work in is "by the mouth of Gabriel." There is, it seems, a more faithful translation by Willis Wager, to whom I owe the first line, but I have been unable to find any more of his version. If found and acceptable, I withdraw mine. Here's another Latin version. The music I have transcribed from the white mensural notation in Piae Cantiones.

LET ALL earth ring out with gladness
To the new-born Savior;
For the Virgin's Son our sadness
Takes away forever.
Pure in tone lift your voice;
Pure in heart, now rejoice.
Let us celebrate this day with glad acclaim! (glad acclaim!)
By the Virgin Mary, Christ a man became. (man became.)
To the Virgin Christ is born so praise His name! (praise His name!)
Therefore let us all rejoice and praise His name! (praise His name!)
Therefore let us all rejoice and praise His name!

Translation © Matthew Carver, 2010.

Omnis mundus jocundetur nato salvatore
casta mater quae concepit Gabrielis ore.
Sonoris vocibus
sinceris mentibus,
exsultemus et laetemur hodie. ::
Christus natus ex Maria virgine, ::
[Christus natus ex Maria] gaudete. ::
Gaudeamus et laetemur itaque. ::
Gaudeamus et laetemur itaque.

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Walter said...

Thanks Matt. Nice to see more and more of PiaeCantiones translated freshly for us.