06 February 2014

Dixit Dominus ex Basan

Here is my translation for the Sequence "Dominus dixit ex Basan" (Godescalcus) for the feast of the Conversion of St. Paul (January 25), as it appears in Bonnus, Lossius (1579), Keuchenthal, Ludecus' Missale, and Magdeburg (1613). Each cantional had a slightly different version of the melody (though there are two main strains). I include the slightly simpler version found in Bonnus. I have normalized the syllabic lines of the text in certain places, usually according to the longer version, but the melody does not reflect this yet. Use the longer of the repeated melodic lines.

OUT of Bashan, saith the Lord, I will turn him,
And in the deepest sea convert him.

2a. And God kept His saying:
Saul prostrate laying,
Paul then to life He brought,
2b. By His Word incarnate
Did He perform it
Through Whom the world He wrought.

3a. For, Him defying,
Saul heard Him crying,
“Saul, why persecutest thou Me?”
3b. I am that Jesus
Thou persecutest:
To kick the goads is hard for thee!”

4a. At the presence of the Lord
Did the earth tremble
As if to crumble,
Soon yet it rested:
4b. Paul, to faith in God restored,
In true contrition
His fellow Christian
No more molested.

5a. This is the tongue of Thy faithful hounds
Out of hostile grounds
Back to Thee, God, returning,
5b. Since Paul makes all mouths of preachers bold
(Where Thy Word be told),
With Thy commands and learning,

6a. For Paul says: No other
Is Christ the Crucified
Than true God, who reigneth,
6b. One with God the Father
And the Holy Ghost,
As Paul’s word maintaineth.

7a. Houndlike, the tongues of preachers
Drinking deep of Paul their teacher,
Much in those millstones twain have ground—
Law that demandeth,
Gospel that granteth,—
7b. Making by use most heedful
All kinds of medicines needful
By which the wounded are bound
And those that hunger
Fed and made stronger.

8a. When the sea his doctrine saw,
It fled; at his rehearsing
The Jordan
Was driven back, reversing:
8b. For the Gentiles turned in awe
From depths of their transgression;
Great Og, the King of Bashan.

9. Now Christ, they adore Thee
Over all creation,
Giving the God-Man all glory
Who came and brought salvation.

Translation © 2014 Matthew Carver.

1. Dixit Dominus,
Ex Basan convertam,
convertam in profundum maris.

2. Quod dixit et fecit:
Saulum et stravit,
Paulum et statuit
Per Verbum suum
Incarnatum, per quod
fecit et saecula:

3. Quod dum impugnat,
audivit Saule, {Saulus}
Saule quid me persequeris? {perspexeris}
Ego sum Jesus;
durum est tibi,
ut recalcitres stimulo.

4. A facie, Domini,
mota est terra,
moxque {mox et} quievit.
Dum cognito credidit
Domino Paulus,
persequi cessat

5. Haec {Hi[n]c} lingua tuorum est canum,
ex inimicis
rediens ad te Deus.
Cum Paulus in ore omnium
secretorum {sacerdotum}
jura dat praeceptorum,

6. Docens crucifixum
non esse alium
praeter Christum Deum.
Cum Patre qui regnat
et Sancto Spiritu,
cujus testis Paulus,

7. Hi[n]c lingua sacerdotum
more canis dum perlinxit
legis et evangelii
duos molares
in his contrivit. {contritos}
Corrasit universas
species medicinarum,
quibus curantur saucii,
8. Quod docente Deum
mare vidit et fugit,
conversus est retrorsum.

Quia turba gentium
relicto {rediens} vitiorum
Og rege Basan confuso,
9. Te solum adorat
Christe creatorem
Teque {Quem et } cognoscit in carne

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