03 December 2009

Heermann on the 2nd Sunday of Advent

Heermann on the Second Sunday of Advent:

Non procul est extrema Dies, Mundique ruina.
Ante Deum ut possis stare, precare Deum.

THE JUDGE of all the earth with Judgment Day is nearing,
With vengeance for His foes He soon shall be appearing
So stay awake and pray, that thou be steadfast then,
To see thy God, and with Thy Lord to gladness enter in.

NIGH DRAWS the final day, the world must soon be past,
Oh, pray to God, that thou may’st stand before Him at the last.

Improvisa dies venit ultima: vive paratus!
Condemnat reprobos ad styga, quando venit.

THE FINAL Day comes quick: he’s blest who sleepeth never,
But by repentance true stands ready, watching ever:
For he who meets that Day in guilt and sin’s offense,
Shall have the guilty verdict: hell’s sufferings immense.

THE FINAL Day comes quick: O mortal, ready be:
The godless shall be damned to hell eternally.

Anxietas homines quatit undique maxima, finem.
Fac, ô fac reditu, mi pie Christe, tuo.

THE TIME is grievous now, and daily is increasing
In grievousness by sore afflictions never-ceasing.
O come, Lord Jesus Christ, and cause this world to end,
And by that greatest Day our sorrows great amend.

MAN SEEMS, O Christ, in every place nigh dead:
Save us, by Thy return, from all our woe and dread!

Ecce! venit, mundum qui judicat: Esto paratus!

THE JUDGE draws nigh to judge the world with judgments just,
O blest is he who waits in readiness and trust.

(from Exercitium Pietatis, p. 4)

Translation © Matthew Carver, 2009.

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