21 July 2010

Not a hymn

This is a folk song about Lutheran hymns. It's to warm you up for singing a Lutheran hymn, but it is not a hymn, so you must be sure to finish singing it before church. :) If you're unfamiliar with folksong style, you have to adjust the notation slightly as you go along to fit the syllables. In this respect instinct is more practical than analysis. Note: slight bit of irony included.

I'D RATHER be singing a Lutheran hymn
Than any earthly thing.
All poetry else is paltry and thin,
And so I'd rather sing…
:: A Lutheran hymn, a Lutheran hymn, that's what I'd rather sing! ::

2. I'd rather be singing a Lutheran hymn
Than any earthly thing.
A Lutheran hymn is filled to the brim
With Christ's own comforting.

3. So why am I wasting my time with this song?
My vocal cords are cold!
So warm up yours, too, and follow along,
We'll sing with voices bold…
Refrain x 2.


Walter said...

Matt o.m.goodness gracious ! Your brain deserves a break in this hot&humid summer.

Matt Carver (Matthaeus Glyptes) said...

You got that right, Walter.

Amberg said...

Yes! Yes! I can't wait to drink a beer with you and sing this!