25 March 2010

Missing Lyrics for Annunciation

Happy Annunciation! I would be marking this day with a translation of the 38-stanza hymn "O starker Gott, Herr Zebaoth," which is supposed to be "the Bible in a hymn," i.e., one stanza each for all the chief patriarchs, prophets, apostles, and of course for Christ—but I can't find the lyrics in any of the usual sources. Wackernagel skips it completely, and Fischer, almost as a consolation, gives us 3 stanzas from the Low German only. For anyone interested in helping and able to do so, here is the pertinent information:

Title (High German): O starker Gott, Herr Zebaoth, (du Gewaltiger deines Volks Israel)
Alt.: O starcker Got, Herre Sabaot
Title (Low German): O stercke Godt, Herre Zebaoth, (du Gewaldiger dynes Volckes Israel)
Stanzas: 35 or 38 sts., 8 lines each.
Melody: "Rex Sanctorum" (des anders Verß.)

(Low German):

Lübeck (1545) "Enchiridion. Geistliche Lede und Psalmen, uppet nye gebetert…"
Magdeburg/Magdeborch (1551) "Ein Bedebökelin, nye uth der hilligen schrifft…"
Magdeburg/Magdeborch (1561, 1567, 1584)

(High German):

Broadsheet: "Ein Lobgesang von den Geschichten der altuätter und der Propheten aus der heyligen Schrifft gezogen Im thon des Hymni Rex sanctorum, des andern Verß." (8 Bl. 12. Titel mit einem Holzschnitt.)
Erfurt (1550)
Eichhorn / Frankfurt a.d.O. (1561)
Magdeburg (1583 & thereafter)
Nürnberg (1618) "Geistliche Lieder vnd Psalmen: auch Hymni und Kirchengesäng…"

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