27 March 2010

Von allen Menschen abgewandt

Here is my translation of “Von allen Menschen abgewandt” (A. Knöpken, 1527), a fairly straight-ahead paraphrase of Psalm 25. Below, I have included the only prior published translation in English that I know of, viz., that of Coverdale. Besides liberties taken with the meter, he has, you will notice, reduced the stanzas to eleven, hardly a significant reduction. Ludecus appoints this hymn especially for Trinity V and XXIV. The tune shown here is the proper from the first publication in Riga, 1527: “Von allen Menschen abgewandt” (1527); or else “An allen Menschen gar verzagt” (1553), or (as in Nürnberg, 1607): “Aus tiefer Noth schrei ich zu dir” [From Depths of Woe I Cry to Thee] (see LSB 607).

BY ALL MANKIND cast off, I groan,
And lift my soul, forsaken,
O Lord my God, to Thee alone!
Let not my stance be shaken.
My faith is firmly set on Thee,
Oh, let me not confounded be,
Give not my foes the pleasure.

2. In shame shall none be made to stand
Who hope in Thee are setting.
They walk securely in Thy hand,
Their service not regretting.
All those who do Thy children ill,
Accusing them with evil will,
Shall end in devastation.

3. So point me, Lord, upon Thy way
Teach me to find Thee ever,
And lead me in Thy truth, I pray,
Thou art my Lord and Savior
My God, my confidence, my rock,
In which I trust where’er I walk,
And so defy all danger.

4. Lord, let Thy mercy move Thy heart,
And suffer love to guide Thee,
Because Thou dost Thy grace impart
To Thine who sit beside Thee,
Elected from eternity,
Preserved within Thy wise decree,
And blest thereby forever.

5. The faults of youth, in days long gone,
And all my errors ever,
I pray Thee, Lord, look not upon,
But only on Thy favor
Have mercy on me, grant Thy peace,
And from transgression, full release,
Because of Thy great goodness.

6. The Lord is good and will display
Love to His own adhering,
Though they may wander from the way,
He will receive them cheering,
And teach them all His will aright
And on their hearts His precepts write,
According to His pleasure.

7. The pathways of the Lord are truth,
And grace and mercy purely.
He keeps His covenants forsooth,
And fills their purpose early
To those who seek His Word so fair,
Believing in His pledges there,
As Holy Scripture shows us.

8. Lord, for Thy name’s sake, mercy show
On all my sins unceasing
I tremble at how much they grow,
Each passing hour increasing,
So teach me in Thy law, I pray,
That I may take that blessed way
Alone which gives Thee pleasure.

9. The soul of him who fears His God,
God’s riches shall inherit.
Those who by faith keep to His road,
Shall no destruction merit.
The Lord shall be their secret shield,
His cov’nant to them be revealed,
And they shall have His Spirit.

10. Mine eyes are set, O Lord, on Thee,
And fixed on God in heaven,
For Thou hast set my spirit free,
The nets of sin hast riven.
Have mercy now, behold my sight,
For I am wretched, poor, and quite
By every man forsaken.

11.The troubles of my heart are vast,
Oh, save me from affliction,
Behold, In pain I cannot last,
Caught in my toil’s constriction.
So let my sins in grace be drowned,
Consider how my foes abound,
Who persecute me wrongly.

12. Preserve my soul, deliver me
Lest I should be confounded,
My hope is set alone on Thee,
O source of joy unbounded!
Therefore, O God, save Israel
Thy needy flock, from grief and hell.
We cling to Thee, Lord, only.

Translation © Matthew Carver, 2010.

1. Von allen Menschen abgewandt,
zu dir mein Seel erhaben
Hab ich allein, mein Herr mein Gott;
laß mich nicht werdn bewegen!
All mein Vertrauen steht auf dich;
laß nicht zu Schanden werden mich,
daß sich mein Feind nicht freuen.

2. Es wird niemand beschämet stehn,
von den’n, die auf dich bauen.
In deiner Hand sie sicher gehn;
der Kauf wird sie nicht reuen.
Verschämet müssen all die sein,
die Leid anthun den Armen dein,
ohn Recht und alle Sachen.

3. Weis deine Weg, O Herre, mir,
zu dir den Steig mich lehre.
In deiner Wahrheit leite mich,
denn du bist Gott mein Herre,
mein Heil und Trost, mein Hülf und Rath,
darauf ich mich allzeit verlaß,
und nur stets poch und trotze.

4. Laß dir, mein Herr, zu Herzen gehn,
und wöllst daran gedenken.
Weil all die deinen mit dir stehn,
den du dann Gnade schenkest,
von Ewigkeit sie ausersehn,
bewahret in dem Rathe dein,
durch den sie selig werden.

5. Meiner Jugend unwissenheit,
und aller meiner Schulde,
wöllst, Herr Gott, je gedenken nicht,
sondern nach deiner Hulde
Meiner erbarmen wöllst je dich,
von allen Sünden freien mich
um deiner Güte willen.

6. Der Herr ist süß und aufgericht,
allen die an ihm hangen.
Wenn sie all in dem Weg fehlen,
wird er sie doch empfangen,
und lehren für den Willen sein,
geschrieben in ihr Herz hinein,
nach seinem Wohlgefallen.

7. All Weg des Herren sind Wahrheit,
Güt und bloße Genade.
Seine Gelübd hält er treulich,
und gibt sie den gar balde,
die fragen nach dem Worte sein,
und glauben was er g’lobt darin,
als uns die Schrift abmahlet.

8. Um deines Namens willen, Herr,
Genade meiner Sünde.
Ich fürchte mich ihr ist gar viel,
und wachsen alle Stunde,
darum mich dein Gesetze lehr,
daß ich den Weg auserwähle,
der dir ist wohlgefällig.

9. Des Menschen Seel die Gott fürchtet,
wird seine Güter erben.
All die im Glauben ihm folgen nach,
die werden nicht verderben.
Der Herr ist ihr verborgen Schild,
sein Testament ihn öffnen willt,
und seinen Geist ihn geben.

10. Meine Augen stets sind zu dir,
O Herre Gott, gerichtet,
daß du helfst aus dem Netze mir,
darinn ich bin verstricket,
erbarm dich meinr und sieh mich an,
denn arm bin ich, von jedermann
steh auch ganz und gar verlassen.

11. Meins Herzen Weh ist mancherlei,
aus meiner Noth mich rette.
Schau an wie ich vernichtet bin,
von Arbeit ganz lieg nieder,
darum vergib die Sünde mein,
sieh an wie viel der Feinde sein,
die mich ohn Sach verfolgen.

12. Beschütz mein Seel und rette mich,
daß ich nicht werd beschämet.
Mein Hoffnung steht allein auf dich,
des freuen sich die Frommen,
so hilf nun Gott aus aller Noth
Israel dem armen Haufen,
der dir allein anhanget.

(13. Ehr sei dem Vater und dem Sohn, etc.)

1. I lift my soul, Lord, up to Thee,
My God, I trust on Thee alone;
Let me never confounded be,
My enemies else will mock me soon.
They shall not be shamed that trust on Thee;
But they that scornful despisers be,
Those shalt be put to confusion.

2. Shew me, O Lord, Thy godly ways,
And learn me the right paths to Thee;
In Thy verity lead me always:
Thou art God my Savior truly.
Learn me, for in Thee is all my trust,
My hope, my belief, and comfort most,
All the day long continually.

3. Remember, Lord, Thy great mercy,
And Thy great plenteous kindness.
Call to Thy mind, Lord, we pray Thee,
Thy gracious favor and gentleness:
For in these things Thou excellest greatly,
Even from the beginning eternally;
Thou art so rich in mercifulness.

4. My faults and my ungodliness,
My sinful youth and cruel bearing,
As Thou art, Lord, full of goodness,
Remember not this my evil living;
But after Thy mercy think on me,
And after Thy great benignity
Forgive Thou all my misdoing.

5. The Lord is just, full of goodness
To sinners that leave their cruel living:
For though they fall oft through weakness,
Yet to His way He will them bring.
He shall learn meek men His gracious will;
And teach them His way to come theretill,
And set their feet fast for slipping.

6. All ways of the Lord are full truly
Both of mercy and faithfulness.
For as He promiseth mercifully,
So payeth He all without doubleness
To such as regard His word and will,
And are ever ready to fulfill
Their covenant with Him and their promise.

7. For Thy name’s sake, Lord, I pray Thee,
Forgive me my great wickedness.
The Lord shall learn that man truly,
That feareth Him with all lowliness:
He shall be teaching him ever the way,
That pleaseth him both night and day;
His conscience shall be in quietness.

8. His children shall possess the land;
It shall be their heritage and right:
They shall never want by sea nor land,
The Lord will feed them through His might.
He is a defense both loving and dear,
For every man tha’ th him doth fear,
Shewing them His covenant day and night.

9. Mine eyes shall on the Lord be set,
Till He see His time and season
To draw my feet out of this net,
That holdeth me so fast in prison.
Behold Thou, and have mercy on me;
For I am forsaken in misery,
And full of great affliction.

10. The cares of my heart and sorrowfulness
Increase ever daily more and more.
Lead me out of my heaviness,
And my poor state behold therefore:
Forgive Thou all my sins, and see,
How many they are that trouble me,
And persecute me with furiousness.

11. Preserve my soul, and deliver me,
Lest I be brought to confusion;
For I have put my trust in Thee.
Let godliness keep me all season;
My hope is in Thee, and shal be still.
Oh God, deliver poor Israel
From all their trouble and affliction.

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