21 December 2009

Prayer for Christian preparation

O HEAVENLY, faithful God, dear Father! I am a poor, miserable sinner, conceived and born in sin, and therefore not worthy that I should lift mine eyes and hands to Thee, or open my heart and mouth to Thee, or even be called Thy child. But since Thou hast not only bidden us, Thy poor creatures, to pray earnestly to Thee in all our cares, but also richly pledged and promised Thy gracious hearing, and furthermore shown and taught us through Thine elect in the Old and New Testament, yet chiefly through Thine only and most beloved Son, our Lord Jesus Christ, both the words and the means whereby to obey Thee in these Thy biddings, I come now, O God and Father, relying on Thy gracious pledge and promise, to call to Thee in my cares, and pray Thee in the name and merit of Thy dear and only-begotten Son graciously and tenderly to hear me. Amen.

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