25 January 2013

Our Father setting

Here is my adaptation of a setting of the Our Father from the Bohemian Brethren setting in Kirchengeseng. It is supposed to be in half time, but the meter is irregular, so the staff lines divide the main phrases, not the measures.


read it said...

Hi, Do you know where on the net I could find the table of contents or index of the ELHB? If not, do you have a copy and could you maybe post it on your blog. I have this nice devotion book that has a hymn verse at the end of each day's reading, but it only gives the words and the hymnal and hymn number but not the music or title of the hymn, so I can't look it up. My son likes to sing the song at the end. The ones that are TLH or other online hymnals I can look up, but I haven't been able to find the ELHB online. Thanks.

read it said...

I am looking for a list of the titles of the hymns by number in the ELHB 1931 edition. Any ideas where I can get that? Yes, I have tried google and hymnary.org. They don't use that edition, so that doesn't help. I figure if I could just get the name of the hymn, I could look it up at hymnary.org. But all I have is a reference, ie. ELHB 425:3. and the text of the third verse, so I can't look it up by the first line either. I would appreciate any ideas ...or if you have a copy you would like to sell :-)


Matt Carver (Matthaeus Glyptes) said...

I'll try to remember to post a list when I get back home. Remind me in a few days if I haven't done it. Thanks for your patience.