07 March 2015

Pauli diem, Pauli fidem

Here is my translation of Georg Fabricius' hymn for the Conversion of St. Paul. The text is that found in Ludecus' Vesperale (1589), but the form of the mode-8 melody (which has distinct variants), probably to be identified with Stäblein 505, is reproduced as it appears in Bonnus' Hymni et sequentiae (1559).

NOW BOTH the feast and faith of Paul
Let us with grateful hearts extol:
Christ of a rival did embrace
A friend and vessel of His grace.

2. Saul to Damascus flies in wrath
To bind the saints of Christ for death,
And wondrously God’s saint is made
Who to destroy the saints assayed.

3. A glorious light puts forth his ray,
Prostrate the haughty Saul to lay;
He hears the voice of God, is spared,
And finds his former crimes repaired.

4. Of Him whom he with threats and chains
Had persecuted, sight he gains,
And knowing Him, enlightens men
By sermon, pray’r, and faithful pen.

5. None bore of pains a heavier load
All for the glory of His God:
Nor in the world hath any name

Of mortal men a greater fame.

6. O Christ, so make Thy foes this day
Again to see Thy wholesome ray,
That they may love with heart sincere
The holy names Thou holdest dear.

7. Lest ever men, impert’nent, seek
Their wars upon Thy will to wreak,
Call down from heav’n and win for Thee
True friends from ev’ry enemy.

8. All laud to God the Father be;
All laud, eternal Son, to Thee;
All glory, as is ever meet,
To God the Holy Paraclete. Amen.

Translation sts. 1–7 © 2015 Matthew Carver.

1. Pauli diem, Pauli fidem
Grato colamus pectore:
Ex hoste Christus factus est
Amicus et vas gratiae.

2. Ferus Damascon advolat,
Christum fatentes ut liget:
Res mira, sanctus fit Dei,
Sanctos minatus perdere.

3. Lux clara, ritu fulguris
Sternit superbum: sed Dei
Vocem_audienti parcitur,
Vetusque culpa_ignoscitur.

4. Quem persecutus antea
Plagis, minis et carcere,
Hunc novit et palam docet
Oratione_et litteris.

5. Nec plura quisquam pro Dei
Tormenta passus gloria:
Nec nomen ullum notius
Cunctis per orbem gentibus.

6. O Christe nunc hostes quoque
Lucem tuos fac cernere,
Ut sancta, quae tu diligis
Ament et ipsi nomina.

7. Nemo tuis unquam_audeat
Pugnare jussis pertinax:
Tibi vocanti caelitus
Hostes, amici pareant.

8. Deo Patri sit gloria
Ejusque soli Filio
Cum Spiritu Paracleto
Et nunc et in perpetuum. Amen.

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