29 November 2012

Thank You

Dear readers,

I am pleased to refer you to a new post at Concordia Academic on Walther's Hymnal.

Also, I note with pleasure that on the book's page on the CPH website the phone number has been replaced with a full-fledged "add to cart" button. Everything seems to be progressing well, thanks be to God.

Finally, I thank you all for your comments and criticisms on this blog so far these several years while I've worked toward this project. Your input has been a great help. I look forward to having your company as I continue to explore the lost shores and forlorn grottoes of Lutheran hymnody in the future, unless the Lord returns first. I look forward to that even more.



Walter said...

Matt! Mazeltov ! I am trying to get a copy from the Press, but am having password problems at this time.

I'll get it by hook'r by crook...

Walter said...

Hi Matt, just placed my order
Mazeltov Walter

Walter said...

Hi Matt ! Speedy delivery! I'm amazed at how thoroughly and well-done your book is ! For me, the word 'amazed' is no platitude either. For those of us whose German is 'schlecht genug' to make the original hymnal along with the Old German Fonts (ugh!) a slightly 'closed door', this is an eye-opener.
Yours is a proud addition to my 'hard copy' Hymnal Collection. Folks like us also appreciate all the verses of the hymns available and you certainly accomplish this. Exceptions to this rule; hardly worth mentioning.
Although your Blog has provided so much over time, there is nothing to compare with a hard-copy Collection !
Nice collection of 'supplementary tunes' with nice harmonizations. Good & readable font sizes even for us folks needing bi-focals. Thanks for the translated liturgical stuff too.
I'm looking forward to plenty of good spiritual reading and I'm glad you haven't shunned the traditional English with its thees & thous ! After all, it IS PART OF THE TRUE GERMAN original and no one should speak of this as 'archaism'. I grew up on this reverent language and miss it nowadays.
At first I was disappointed to have to look up the German 'incipits' via the Index since most of the tunes are not proper to the words, but I'm going to pencil them in when I've read the text and it will act as a check on the hymns I have completed reading/studying, so it is no big deal after all.
In Christ; ad multos annos, Walter

Walter said...

Hey Matt, Please forgive my stupidity; to find the German, all I've had to do is simply check out the sidebar of your blog to read or download the KELG !

BTW congrats & thanks go to AMANDA et al...