17 January 2010

Salve caput cruentatum, stanza 5

Here is my translation for the rythmica oratio, “ad faciem,” st. 5, the very end of the poem traditionally ascribed to St. Bernard of Clairvaux. Herberger quotes this on a few occasions.

WHEN I must to death betake me,
Do not, Savior, then forsake me;
In the very hour of dying,
Tarry not to heed my sighing;
O Jesus, come, defend my cause!

When from hence I must be going,
Jesus dear, Thy face be showing,
Friend, oh, let me then behold Thee
Where Thy healing streams enfold Thee
Upon redemption’s bloody cross.

Translation © Matthew Carver, 2009–10.

Dum me mori est necesse,
Noli mihi tunc deësse,
In tremenda mortis hora
Veni, Jesu, absque mora,
Tuere me et libera

Cum me jubes emigrare,
Jesu care, tunc appare,
O amator amplectende,
Temet ipsum tunc ostende
In Cruce salutifera.

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