26 November 2011

Helft mir Advent jetzt feiren

Here is my translation of “Helft mir Advent jetzt feiren” (Michael Ziegenspeck), translated by Clauder as “Adventus appropinquat…” The German first appeared in the Königsberg Hymnal (1650). The tune is “Helft mir Gotts Güte preisen.”

NOW GLAD the Advent viewing,
Dear children, raise your voice
To hail the year’s renewing,
And let us all rejoice!
For Christ His Advent kept,
When He, the Prince of Glory,
To Salem turned His story,
O’er which He once had wept.

2. Yet did that Advent sadness
That filled our Savior dear,
Fill all the world with gladness
And bring salvation near.
Our Help and Righteousness,
Of whom the prophets chanted
His Passiontide was granted,
To win us heavn’ly bliss.

3. The Advent keep with singing,
No more let Zion groan,
As all, with Salem bringing
Their shouts, their Lord to own,
Hosanna loudly cry;
“Blest be King David’s Scion,
The Lord, who comes to Zion,
Hosanna sing on high!”

4. The King of Grace yet duly
His Advent keeps aright,
And, coming, makes most truly,
Our heart His palace bright.
Through Sacrament and Word:
Lord, let Thy help attend us,
Prosperity now send us,
Forever be our Lord!

5. Soon shall that Advent meet us
When in His glorious shape
The Lord again shall greet us,
And bring our glad escape.
O Bridegroom, dear art Thou!
So come, and no more tarry!
For lo, what griefs we carry,
How deep in sorrow bow!

6. But grant us to believe Thee,
And ever ready be
With shouts, Lord, to receive Thee
When we that Advent see.
Let heart and mouth then cry,
Blest be King David’s Scion,
The Lord, who comes to Zion,
Hosanna sing on high!

Translation © Matthew Carver, 2011.

1. Helft mir Advent jetzt feiren,
Ihr lieben Kinderlein!
Das Jahr tut sich verneuren,
laßt uns all fröhlich sein!
Advent gehlaten hat
Jesus, der Fürst der Ehren,
als er sich jetzt tät kehren
nach Salem, Davids Stadt.

2. Zwar hielt Advent armselig
diesmals der teure Held,
macht uns doch alle fröhlich,
bracht Heil der ganzen Welt.
Unsr Hilf und Grechtigkeit
nach Sage der Propheten
kam in den großen Nöten,
erwarb uns himmlisch Freud.

3. Drum halt Advent mit Schalle
samt Jungfrau Zion fein,
mit Jeruslem jauchzt alle:
Den Tag laßt unser sein!
Hosanna psallite!
Gelobt sei Davids Samen,
Der kommt ins Herren Namen,
Hosanna in der Höh!

4. Jetzt hält Advent ohn Scherze
der Gnaden-König groß,
zeucht ein in unser Herze,
machts zu seinm Freudenschloß
durch Sakrament und Wort;
drum wir mit David singen:
Hilf, Herr, laß wohl gelingen,
bleib unser Hirt und Hort.

5. Bald folgt Advent der Ehren,
da in der Herrlichkeit
der Herr wird wiederkehren,
zu holen uns zur Freud.
O edler Bräutgam wert,
Komm, komm und machs nicht lange!
Uns ist oft Angst tund bange
Allhier auf dieser Erd.

6. Verleih nur, daß wir alle
stündlichen fertig sein,
zu empfahn dich mit Schalle,
wenn du jetzt brichst herein.
Aus Herz und Mund dann geh:
Gelobt sei Davids Samen,
der kommt ins Herren Namen,
Hosanna in der Höh!



Pastor Samwise Praetorius (Samuel Schuldheisz) said...

Matthew, thanks for the excellent Advent hymn as we prepare for the season. I'll have to mention this in Bible class tomorrow. We're talking about Advent themes, readings and hymns!

Haley said...

Nice. I don't know any German, but with the tune and your translation my husband and I are thinking of playing/singing it during a mid-week Advent service this season. Thanks!

Matt Carver (Matthaeus Glyptes) said...

Thanks for the kind comments. I'm sorry I didn't have time to polish this translation, but I only just came across it. Many blessings.

Walter said...

Just adding my thanks Matt. A great children's hymn